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Welcoming New SSRs/SSR In a Nutshell 4


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  1. 1. Do you enjoy having the new SSRs around?

  2. 2. Accurate video?

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Since this wasn't done yet, I'd love to personally welcome our new SSRs:

  • A_Dirty_Couch
  • Pokemonher01
  • cookies1
  • Falaflame

Thanks to Yasuno and all staff for pushing to make more SSRs join the team!


And to celebrate the occasion, the newest Nutshell video has been completed, and blows all the other three out of the water.


Bob gets a new shipment of SSR applications, but much to his surprise, the approval queue comes to life and attacks!

@Alynnia, @Darkfire16, @andrewngn13, @A_Dirty_Couch, @Falaflame, @cookies1, @Pokemonher01



Also according to the address bar, this is the site's 600th topic. GG.

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