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[Alexina] Concert 8/22/2015

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This is going to the wrong forum but this is the only one I can access due to some bugs.
Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
Anyways, let's enjoy our wonderful wonderful concerts :bingo:

The concert will be held in Emain Stage or Jain2's HS. You can access her HS by going to the stage and start using her like a warp key from Harry Potter.

Though that depends on if the crowd is getting out of control to handle.

5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern
Channel 6 Hope to see you there

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Look's like Blargel moved it for you to the right place. Permissions should be fixed now for posting in the forums however.

Meow, Thank you Blargel~! and it seems fixed now so you did it finally :sigh:

i'll try and be there but I make no promises

Can't make a promise to me then make a promise to yourself >:O be there or be square

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