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Super Smash MabiBeats - A community project (Version 2!)

SSBB: MabiBeats Version  

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So I'm doing a community project, and this is an interesting one. I have posted my new base-line work, the Opening to SSBB, but here's the thing: It's a base song. Here's what I'm gonna do with this, and why I'm calling it a community project: All you fellow composers will be chipping in if you want to!

Here's how this goes down:

  • Get the base MML file from this thread, or click Here (Version 2)
  • Edit/improve on the current song however you wish to
  • PM or Send me the new version and I will update the ensemble post with a new preview and new MML code

So in short, this is a project to see how other bards work with each other in the composition process. Let me know what you think, and have free reign upon the song below if you wish to participate!

List of submitters:

  • Darkfire16 (Version 1)
  • Quiversee (Version 2)


Just don't turn it into Darude - Sandstorm. Please.



SSBB - MabiBeats Version 2.mml

Edited by Darkfire16
Updating to Version 2!
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