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Share your Instrument playing (Irl)

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Fellow Mabibeaters!

If you have a instrument, camera, and a song, Please share it with us :D

It dosent have to be perfect. Just show us what you can do 

Upload a video on youtube and set it to private or public, your choice :D

Feel free to update your works :D

If you want to be criticized, post it in the description ^^

(Please, show respect for other's works.)

You are welcome to post more than one videos.

I will post my first one here!


Don't be afraid to show your colors :)

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Bwaah. I used to play piano and violin, but I stopped practicing piano after I broke my right pinky... and stopped playing the violin after high school. Good times. One day I'll master the piano without using my right pinky. :py35:

Maybe I'll record something before the start of my semester... It doesn't have to be our own arrangement, right? //can't arrange for anything

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I wonder if the recorder counts... Hot Cross Buns is my Jam! ;)

i counter your recorder with my triangle and cowbell.

I can only play piano/keyboard and guitar by ear sadly. I may someday share something. Just never been one for showing, plus i hate recording myself

lucky u i cant play any instrument or even read a music sheet.

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