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RNG In a Nutshell

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AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGG!!!! :pissedmode:  DONT REMIND ME!!!!   I've bought over 20 dollars in gachapons since I've started, and very rarely I have had profit.  With the Fall gacha, the one that gave the diamond, emerald ect. wings. I was trying to find a good set of wings I bought 7 or 8 of the gatchas NEVER GOT ONE all I got were gems, health pots, shadow crystals, and a CHAIR.:damn:  WHY A CHAIR.....  A FREACKING CHAIR :imd:   I've lost so bad in these gambles.  With the Tuan gachas I got some fancy clothes ill never wear and Diamonds. :dark:   As if I didn't get enough gems during the GM fishing event the other day.  But I was able to sell the Gems for a very good price.:kukukuh:  Making the best out of a bad situation.  If I ever get wings in a gacha I will eat Brussels sprouts.  I SWEAR IT.:nonono:  mostly because ill never get wings.:imc:    I enjoyed sharing my gambling story. Thanks :tralalalala:

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Ahaha... Once a year, I'll invest roughly $100 on Nexon. This is the last year I'm gachaing. I've never had such a terrible luck with gacha before. I probably should've waited to see what people were getting from the gacha this time... I don't even think Yui was that painful to get, when compared to the Tuan wings. ._. //hasn't been on since the 4th day of the new gacha

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Nexon is filled to the brim with bold-faced liars.

I've never seen a point in time where they highlight a particular item, or sets of items, in a single gach, and not have it at such a low drop rate that it seems unfair.

Tuan gach is stupid.
Diamond Wings gach is stupid.
Fallen Angel gach is stupid.
The twinkle/butterfly wings gach is ESPECIALLY STUPID.
And don't even get me STARTED on the spring gacha that had the FIRST set of Electric Guitars. Yeah, you know, the ones that only 5 active people in the entire server once had? Thank goodness those are everywhere now.

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