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SSR Applications, How will you know?

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I was wondering when we'd find out if our SSR Applications have been accepted or not. Also, it would be helpful to know whether people who are rejected will receive an notifications telling them their application has been rejected. Since, if you're like me I just assume the applications are still being reviewed and can't take subtle hints on whether my application has been rejected or not. So I know this is quite a difficult process reviewing these applications, but I was wondering if there is a day in which if you receive no notification you got accepted then you know by then your application has been denied.
I am sorry for my difficult wording, Thank you for reading~!


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Hi, i will start off with PM yes once i get pm's back from the people i have pm'd (all of them) then i will make a news post and promote the new SSR's till their rank. I will not actually promote anyone until each of my PM's have been answered OR until time runs out for them to answer. I would just prefer to start everyone at once, rather than separate. I have reviewed/read all the applications i just haven't had time to go to the next step yet lol.

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