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[Alexina] Emain Concert 7/25/2015

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Time for the Concert in Emain Macha, Stage Channel 6.
I am sorry if this is pretty weird if I am explaining this but since the increase of members I thought I might explain what the concert is~!:megane:

The concert was started by our very own Viersell :lovelove: the Giant who you will all love. This concert is Hosted by Viersell, Alynnia80, XDEXOPPAI, and myself
We ask you not to PVP, overplay, troll, and grieff. People line up behind the stage in an orderly manner in 1 single line Jams you will have to have 1 person hold your spot while the other members of your jam go wait on the other side behind stage. Follow these rules and everyone will have a fun time. Anyone who is being to much of a disturbance we will ask the audience to blacklist you if you don't listen to our warnings. 
This Concert is Emain Stage channel 6 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern and last around 2 hours so people can make it to the banquet on time


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