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Hey guys, Xygdrasil from Alexina server here! I just started playing Mabi again about a couple of weeks ago after some heavy convincing from my cousins, but I was originally from Mari a while back. Both then and now, I've always spent most of my time ranking up my bard stats and trying my hand at making MMLs (which I need to relearn how to do). It's nice to know there's a community of bards in Mabi, and I would love to get involved, since just playing music by yourself gets pretty boring :P

To combat this, I'm open to making new friends on this server, and hoping to find some people to jam with! (: But yeah, I hope I did this intro is alright, haha... Hope to see you guys around in game!

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Alright this is Epic :D You came in a pretty good time with those Music Pet that came out Spirit of Taun not to mention the tuner here <3 It just became a whole lot easier to make jams now :D well play them :twinkle:

With this we can probably fit more Jams and Solos into the concerts we hold every Saturday I hope you come and Welcome to Mabinogi again <3

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I'm actually still contemplating whether or not I should get the Spirit of Tuan pet xD

Oh, the Emain Macha concerts in channel 6? I heard about them, and saw the announcements, but I was never able to go because I ended up having to go out when it was about to start ): Hopefully I'll make it to the next one! And thanks for the warm welcome c:

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