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Independence Convoy?

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I don't mean to be mean, but... why don't you just log in, read the quest, and read what the event NPC tells you?

I did.... but I mean can anyone expand on it like I went there and there were like thousands of vouchers everywhere like in depth as in do they despawn?  what should my ttl be? whats an easy way to get kills? I made this topic to expand more on how to get the most out of the event, and yes I did talk to the NPC's and such before I posted this topic >.>

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You follow a caravan when it starts at every odd-numbered hour at Pacific Standard time (i.e 1:50 PST, 3:50 pst, etc) and its basically a walking tower defense. Keep monsters away from vans, collect the base vouchers from the monsters you kill, make it to the end, and your good.

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Also make sure that you get at least one voucher between each stop. So for base 1, you need to get the first voucher and so on. After you arrive at a stop (and also have the corresponding voucher) make sure to talk to the NPC that spawns when the wagons get there. If you make it all the way to the end, you get a voucher. When you get 10 of these, you can exchange them for a reward box. If all of the wagons make it to the end, you get a special voucher that gives you a box immediately as well as a regular voucher.

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alright thanks guys! another question xD should I try and do this a bunch? because I'll get sweet rewards or if we fail I have like 20 2nd base vouchers do I rerun till I get to second base? then turn them in? when I was doing it no one was helping me too much q~q 

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There are three "stops" in total (the first base, second base and then the final where you finish). Considering the time it takes to finish one full run (40-50 real life minutes in my experience), your best shot is heading over to ch 1, join the lag-fest and try to get at least one voucher between every stop while ensuring that none of the wagons break. Getting more than one voucher per run is "unnecessary" since all you get by having more than one is a random buff potion for having at least ten base-vouchers, but you should still of course kill enemies to ensure that your wagons don't break and... well, if you don't pick up your vouchers then they'll stay on the ground and contribute to the lag. It's also worth mentioning that all your vouchers will disappear once you talk to the NPC in the corresponding base, so if you have 20 2nd base vouchers when you reach 2nd base, you won't have any left when you start heading for third base.

So yes, do it a bunch. Whether you save the vouchers or not is up to you since you won't get any big benefits by having more than one, but I suppose keeping at least one could be helpful if you're not sure that you can get at least one kill during your next successful run.

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