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What do I put in the MML Code box?

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Hi, I'm new here and I'm having the same problem as Spencer in a previous thread:

I don't know what to do here. Help ;~;


The thing is, I'm not using 3ML.  I assume the "MML Code" box is just supposed to be all your song parts strung together in some way, rather than some different format?  If so, how do I string them together - do I need to indicate in some way where the melody ends and the harmony part begins?  (If somebody could post the "MML Code" and the "Melody" and "Harmony 1" for some song as an example, that would be a great help.)

Thanks very much,


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The MML code needs to start with "[email protected]", this is the beginning of the code. What comes directly after will be the Melody, Harmony 1, and Harmony 2 in that order. These three will simply be separated by commas, with Harmony 2 ending with a semi-colon.

So say my Melody is a1a2a3a4, Harmony 1 is b1b2b3b4, and Harmony 2 is c1c2c3c4. The code should look something like this:

[email protected],b1b2b3b4,c1c2c3c4;

Just string your parts together with commas and end with a semicolon.

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Its simple! (If you're using 3ML)


While you're on your 3ML just press "F8" and that opens a little window for you.

It should show the rank of the MML, and the tracks that was involved in the MML

In the bottom right (I think) there's a button that says "Copy MML Code"

(Make sure you have the tracks checked marked or it will only copy one of the tracks)

Msg me if you need moar help


Btw, pressing F7 will change some coding for space saving reasons.

But your MML will be the same

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Kazachi, I just said I'm not using 3ML  :-D  but thanks for the effort!  Thanks Dirty_Couch, that worked fine (once I worked out that it wouldn't tolerate the way I usually use non-playing |'s to mark bar-lines).  My first posting!

​Welp, You should try it out someday:happy:

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