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Songs Submitted but not seen by Reviewers?

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Yes, we're able to see them, and I'm going through them as we speak. Please don't call this a bug or an issue, it's just in the approval queue.


Note: for some reason you had two of the same submission, and im not seeing the third if that's any different. However, the one you have will be approved soon.

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Moved out of bugs since it's not really a bug. The review process, if I recall correctly, is checking if there's a duplicate of the song already, generating song previews, and probably something else I'm forgetting. When a song gets reviewed depends on when an SSR member has time from real life to do it. Keep in mind that they all have other things to do besides monitoring the submission queue 24/7 and this is purely volunteer work.

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Yeah a chunk of our SSR's have gone inactive and staff always switch out and go inactive with time. So i will be demoting the inactive ones soon, and offering/promoting new people to be SSR's. I have been really busy irl so its been a bit difficult to dedicate much time here.

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