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[Fixed] Songs with stars but no reviews

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Been meaning to ask this for a while.  I'm not sure if others see it, but there's plenty of songs I see that have 1-5 star ratings to them but no reviews. My heart sank a bit seeing a song of mine get hit with a 1 star rating but there was no criticism for me to work off of. Is it normal seeing these stars?

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I actually think that might be a bug. I have no idea where those stars come from either.

EDIT: Did a quick investigation based off of a hunch and I think I know what the problem is. Each section (i.e. solo, 2 person jam, etc) has its own submission numbering. For example: http://mabibeats.com/8-person-ensembles/videogame/kingdom-hearts-2-rowdy-rumble-r8/ is submission #8 for the 8 person ensemble section while http://mabibeats.com/2-person-ensembles/videogame/dungeon-fighter-character-select-ost-r8/ is submission #8 for the 2 person ensemble section. Note how both of those have the same amount of stars despite having no reviews. Here's where they came from:

Submission #8 in solos: http://mabibeats.com/solos/videogame/tetris-theme-r8/

Submission #8 in 3 person ensembles: http://mabibeats.com/3-person-ensembles/videogame/pokémon-rubysapphireemerald-shoal-cave-r8/

Note how the review in solos is 1 star while the review in 3 person is 5 stars. When you average those two, you get 3 stars, which is the exact same rating that is on submission #8 in every single section.

tl;dr The rating system is screwy and averages review ratings across all songs with the same submission number when it should only do it for a single submission.

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