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A mabinogi role play video series

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I am looking for people to partake in a fun web video series that would exclusive to mabi beats
We need someone to help think of funny things/mis-adventures/ fake news based in Erinn/story's/plots
A person who is very good with video editing
BGM (is always important)

Cast members of all vary things and walks of life (Cos-plays too)

A active You tube channel when I say active i don't mean like Sub's i mean like you post their regularly.  (prefer a non monetized one as this is my idea and the players helping with it it would be un fair for someone to be making money of our work and us get nothing)

So Please leave thoughts, Idea's, Applications, feedback etc down below


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This seems like a big project! :freez: but maybe I'm blowing things out if proportion, anyway random thought but you could think up some funny quotes, and or strange quotes (thinking of no-rin which is an anime if you didn't know) and emphasis them, its a bit of weak idea. :aty: maybe add a philosophical hidden meaning which is revealed e.g. "everyone wears their own personal panties in their heart." (Quote from no-rin ep5 pretty sure, not too sure though because im more focused on memorizing tthe quote!:hahaha:)

Anyway hopefully I get my point across :byeb: (if this comes off as random unhelpful rabble I'lI'll delete it may have to watch ep 5 of no-rin to understand ill have to double check its ep 5 to, or later ill add a youtube video.)


not sure had to add the video with out just sending a link i'll change it later its around 8:10 bai~! :byeb:


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i may be able to help in some way o3o, and i want to but idk what i could do to help

i could probly help think of names, BGMs, and make gossipy news time stuff

..neko tabloids anyone;3 call it the daily mews *shot for bad bad baaaad pun*?


i even know a perfect first story ;3

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