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Monthly Reports?

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If the forums have something to keep track of overall stats, maybe every month or so you could post a monthly community report showing graphs/pie charts of how many forum posts, music hall submissions (and which genre they are/whether they're ensembles or not, etc), forum views, and new members the site has gotten on a daily basis, weekly basis, and for the entire month. I know vBulletin has access to charts and such easily, but I don't know if IPB does.

And maybe a few extra things too each month, such as what's being planned for next month, featured topics, song of the month (picked entirely out of random) could be tossed into the report, too.

Just an idea to add more color to this already colorful community. :D

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A monthly report on the number of Onion heads used in chat would be fun :hahaha:

In all seriousness though, a monthly article doesn't sound bad at all, but who would do it? Yasu's got tons of work as it is :cries:

​That's why I specifically asked for a monthly article, and not a weekly one. That way, Yasu has all month to be able to post it. And if he can't do it in a month, he could get Blargel to post it. All Yasu would have to do at that point is to fish out the charts and such from the admin panel.

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