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Windows Defender detects trojan?

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Today, Windows Defender has deemed that 3MLE_Maplebeats_Edition.exe is a trojan. The first time it detected was yesterday, though I was unaware then. Pretty sure I was using it yesterday too but not at the end of the night.. but this evening, i found it missing cause of this since Windows quarantines it as soon as it's extracted from .zip.



I put the .exe up on VirusTotal and it comes back with thisimage.thumb.png.64a8ec7a3587ff5f1ead0fdd7a65c087.png

Can anyone explain on this?

Anyone else seeing the same thing?

Update: I recently swapped PCs and the new PC doesn't seem to care about the .exe. The results from VirusTotal have not changed.

Thank you

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Ive been able to determine that this is nothing to be worried about. Same results with VirusTotal on the original 3mle. Ive never even heard of a trapmine and it appears the only stuff I can read about it is that it's for Threat Prevention.

I apologize for the post seemingly against 3MLE, I was just confused and needed either time or explanation.

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