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Why are my tempos screwed up?

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I was making this song in 3mle and it looks fine there, but when I copypaste the song into a score the notes get all screwed up. I'm not sure where I went wrong on the tempo changes (assuming thats what caused it). I checked all the tracks and the tempo changes were all set in the right spot so Im not sure why they ended up like that.

Screenshot (118).png

Screenshot (120).png

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it definitely looks like different tempos in each track. Since 3mle applies the tempo change globally to tracks, it looks fine there, but in maple, it is not applied globally, so you would need to make sure all the tempos are inputted for each track. From what i can see, track1 starts off at tempo of 120 (denoted by t120), but i have no clue what the other tracks 2-9 have. Judging from the second screenshot in maple, the other tracks do not have the same tempo of 120. The same note at different tempo are not the same thing, as you can see in the second screenshot.


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