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Creating Solid Submissions [Guide][-but-not-really]

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Hello fellow musicheads and composers.

As a part of submission reviewing staff, we see many different layouts and formats of submission. At times the wait can be a bit longer than usual, and rejection reasons may seem to not make sense. So here are a few things that will make your submission more likely to be approved, and even quicker as well for the near future.

These pointers are targeted towards Solo submissions but can generally be used for all musical submissions to the Nexus.

Currently, ensemble submission info can be found here: 

Solid Submission Strategies


  • Search for your song in the database before you create. Duplicates of a specific song are currently only allowed if they are rearranged versions or use different sheet sizes.
  • Be sure to test your songs in-game before you upload it unless you're certain it will meet your expectations.
  • Be sure that your volumes are accurate as you desire for every single track.
  • Be sure that you set each track's tempo accurately (especially if the song's tempo is not 120).
  • Be sure to submit every intended track for the instrument.
  • Be sure that you're submitting tracks from the same game you've tested in.
  • Be sure to submit your song's title as close to the official name as possible. Below are some examples:

These show the source/artist and song name with their certain versions listed.
Maplestory - Temple of Time = ☑️
Wizet feat. Nexon - Temple of Time = ☑️
Wizet - Temple of Time (Remembrance) = ☑️
One Piece OP14 - Fight Together = ☑️

Anything similar to these are more likely to not be approved.
Temple of Time - ToT = ?
Maplestory lv160 Cave = ?
supe mario word = ?
One Piece Opening = ?

Helpful Guides for Editing/Converting


Checking for any of these things before you hit save will speed up the process for your submission and make it easier for others to find your uploads when they're approved.
Inversely, not doing so may result in longer approval wait times and delayed corrections for your submissions.


If there are any questions, corrections, or suggestions regarding any of the above, please do feel free to discuss and ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them. I assume the rest of the staff will too. I'll be editing this over the next while to make it prettier and add whatever necessary. I can also elaborate more on any of the above if requested.


Moving this to Guides soon. https://musicalnexus.net/forums/forum/39-guides/



Happy gaming, and keep those midis comin'~

Edited by Kamidachi
making it pretty
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