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Using the 3MLE Save File for Music Submissions


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It is no longer possible to use the code boxes to upload music submissions. We have found that everything past a duet becomes cumbersome for the approval staff to sort through when there are several code boxes and each code box could have 10 separated tracks to sort through. To speed up this process we now require that the parts be submitted as a 3MLE save file.

Each individual part must have it's own save file, Or you can think of it as each instrument having its own musical save file. Of course if it is a solo then there would only be one save file. The process is very simple and here is a quick guide to explain what we need.


Here we have the standard 3MLE window with 3 tracks already filled out:



Click on File in the top left to access the menu:



Then click on Save As, you can also use the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + S:



Make sure you leave the .mml extension on the filename, it must be saved in this format and the website will not accept any other format not even ms2mml. You can technically name the file anything you want as long as you are sure you have uploaded the right file, to the correct part.

For the sake of organization if I am working on an ensemble I usually name the file after the part number, or the instrument name so I don't get confused. The approver staff will assign the file you upload to the instrument you pick so make sure you have the right file uploaded to the correct part.

Submissions that have multiple instruments in 1 save file will be rejected. We only allow 1 instrument / part per save file to speed up processing time.

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