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Experienced MIDI to MML xfer help needed c: <3 [solved]

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So I'm using 3mle, and trying to import a MIDI (doom e1s1) and it is coming into 3mle missing all sorts of notes. I was wondering if this is a simple fix or complex issue? I've tried multiple MIDI's and they all have similar issues, but the notes vary from MIDI to MIDI. Ran under different import settings etc etc. I can provide links to MIDI's and whatnot (if against ToS pm me and we will discuss further) But an experienced individual's assistance would be greatly appreciated. Honestly the first time I've tried doing this, and I'm at a loss at this point. ;o;

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Welcome o/

In short, there's a good reason that we don't have more than a couple DOOM submissions in MapleBeats. xD

They're very known to do that and I can only assume its due to those midis being played in a different way to sound so good. You have reminded me to hunt for some more DOOM 1/2for this library... ❤️

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