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[Added] Signatures?

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I was gonna make a thread for alt characters as a profile option, but I felt it's better just to ask for Signatures instead, as that's more likely where I'll put my alt info at.

Anyway does 1000 characters and 1 banner sound decent for signature limits? I feel it is. Not too outrageously big, but not so harshly limited in terms of what you can do with it.

(plus that should be more than enough space to list my 3 alts)

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The thing with that is that the design of the website is to keep it clean and simple, if we were to add signatures that would clash with it vastly, we've talked about it a little bit and I think if if it was a thing it would be very limited;

  • One Image, no bigger than ### pixels by ### pixels.
  • Limited to default font size. (Free to use colors and different font styles.)
  • One link.
  • 500 Character limit, if not less.
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Bumping this, because I still really want Signatures to become a thing.

Even if it's very limited, at least it gives me more options about listing information about myself. Can we please have some signatures? I want to be able to list my main characters on all different servers, and not have to rely on putting "See Profile" as my main char name on the postbit.

I can't stress this enough. x.x

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