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[Fixed] Private messaging acting up again

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Just like in the locked topic here: http://mabibeats.com/forums/topic/92-fixed-private-messaging/

Tried sendin' ya a message, Yasuno, and it kicked back an "invalid recipient" error.  Doesn't let me send messages to Tanino, either, with the same error.  I'll try sending to a verified composer, too, and see if that kicks back the same error.  Been sending to / receiving messages from Himesenshi fine, so it might be related to groups or something.

EDIT: Tried sending to a verified composer (Jain), got the same error.

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I just want to say that you can only start TWO new conversations per day, that being said if you've hit your two new private message limit in one day this error would happen.

​I hadn't started any messages, and had only been replying in the one, so that is not the case.  If I had started two messages, I would've waited to try it the next day, first.  I promise, I read things :P

Also, just did another trial attempt at PM'ing you out of curiosity.  Still kicking back the exact same error.  And I haven't sent nor received any messages today.

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