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Why do my songs sound so different from 3MLE

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Sorry in advance if this has been answered or anything. For some reason my song sounds right in the 3MLE program but ingame it sounds nothing like that, if i simplify it, it works but sounds crappy


Also songs that have 2 tracks can i make it into 1 with harmonies and melody?

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This sounds like the same tempo issue. At the beginning of the first track, you should see a "v" something. That sets the tempo for the song. 3MLE automatically matches the other tracks to that tempo but the game does not. You have to add that tempo to each track. 

As for your second question, I'm not sure what you're asking. If the question is can you play multiple notes at once on the same track, the answer is no. 

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13 minutes ago, DFDelta said:

"v" is volume, isn't it?

Tempo is "t", I think.

That is correct.

To the original post, if you're testing it in 3MLE after simplifying the tracks and it still sounds right in there,  and you're manually c/p the mml into the game, then you might be accidentally transferring part of the track. I've accidentally clipped the beginning of the track doing it manually, and that would make it sound wrong, so you might want to double check that you've selected the entire track when you c/p it over.

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