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What is a "Pro" Member?

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What is a "Pro" Member

A pro member is someone who has donated for the Pro member upgrade package. The Pro member rank never expires once it is obtained, and provides some aesthetic benefits for the users.


What kind of benefits can I expect for being a Pro Member?

Most of the benefits for a pro member are purely visual for the time being. Here are the current benefits below:


Special Visuals in Music Hall submission listings with the choice of a gradient, or a custom listing background.




Custom Background options for their submission templates

*Example Here


The Pro Member badge on their submissions + forum topics. (More Badge options available soon)





Other Pro Member features are in the works and will be added to this list when they become available.


How can I become a Pro Member?

You can purchase the Pro Member upgrade package from our store here.


Why would I bother contributing money to Musical Nexus and becoming a Pro Member?

We hope that if you find the site useful enough or spend enough time here that you would be willing to obtain the Pro Member rank. We are currently saving money to hire a developer to build a new MML composer with some better features and better compatibility with MapleStory 2 as well as Mabinogi.

Hiring Developers even for smaller "side" projects is expensive, and currently any and all money obtained from donations or users obtaining the Pro Member rank is going toward this purpose & project.


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