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I'm no SSR, but we need new SSRs.

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Since Couch is working now, and Poke & Sam are greatly inactive for whatever reason(s), well... yeah.
I'm not sure how filled the queue is atm, but it would be best not to burden Couch if there's over 20 or so submissions.
Eventually, people are going to be waiting a couple of weeks, but I'm just saying.

I know the process takes a while too since Yasuno's going to have to set up another application form, then he and/or Couch will have to look through to see who's suitable, or something, and then train the new people, etc..

Don't burn me, please.

P.S: Font color in tags needs to be changed for light theme since it's white, which makes it unreadable.

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I'm willing to cool you down if you get burned, just sayin'. :hahaha:

naw, i do agree on it. why even have a 'retired staff' group as well if there's little staff actually left too...

As i said before, it just means this place needs more delegates.

some tidbits from when the website was still white background kinda shows too (like the copy mml button on submissions), but as far as i'm concerned, it's very minor compared to staff shortage.

we need more crafters in da house, get my drift? :am: (staff. staves. yeah its just late dont mind me)

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If I summon SSRs, will I be stuck with 3 green SSRs, 1 colorless SSR, and one red SSR, and no blue SSRs? If so, that sucks, because I need more blue SSRs on my team. >:C

I butchered that reference multiple times. Good lord.

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I'm way late to this topic but, for the reasons of inactivity I don't know about for Cookies but as for me I will elaborate on my absence. I'm still in high school and have a job currently and due to the distance of this job I get about 30 minutes in a day to shower and change before I go since school is 30minutes from my home and then 30mins to get to my job. 
So I'm roughly busy from 6am -11pm I am on mabi but I don't do much it's more to talk to people though so if you're on please feel free to chat I'd love to :D
I do my schoolwork till 1am to 2am since I'm horrendous at it cause I am taking AP French and Biology which aren't bad but the work is time consuming especially when you have an attention span of a 3 year old.
I do get called in a lot to work 8 hour shifts on Weekend free days or to extend my current shifts and to come in during weekdays for 5 hour shifts too (5 hours usually what I do it's a PTJ c: )
When I get some time off I try to do work and catch up and relax a bit since it has a toll on my health since I always been weak but I won't lie most the time I do forget often to come here when I have the opportunity here and I apologize for the burden this has caused Couch I will try to make a more conscientious attempt to check MabiBeats and help out.
I also apologize for the inconvenience this has caused players since I too was once a normal ranked member of this Community and understand the desire to share music~

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