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Hello, from the other side

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This could've easily been a new status.

But considering how much activity the forums have gotten lately, I think could take anything at this point.

I bought myself a crappy 3-core 2-gig ram windows xp pc (cant bother to remember the rest of the specs nor do i care). great for afking or messaging others. not so great for combat. but if you're not a combatnogi player, that hardly matters. (plus if i wanted to combat then i just switch to my main pc)

You could buy that if you don't really care about combat on mabinogi, and you don't play any other high-maintenance game like Overwatch or something.

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i bought that pc for about like $50 or something. it's worked quite well for me. i mainly use it just to have my alt sell things so that i dont end up overheating my laptop afking on mabi but i also have it as a backup pc for whenever something horribly wrong happens to my laptop.

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