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  2. Merancapeman

    Final Fantasy 10 - Thunder Plains

    One of my favorite songs, you did it justice
  3. Merancapeman

    Smash Bros 4 - Credits

    Perfect, and so beautiful for the Lyre
  4. Merancapeman

    Mario Bros Jazz

    Absolutely beautiful, sure to impress all who know Mario :3
  5. Merancapeman

    Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Hail From the Past

    ACK! I love this song, and you did such a great rendition!
  6. Merancapeman

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Palace

    Well done, this is perfectly timed and sounds awesome
  7. Merancapeman

    Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks

    Beautiful song, and I don't even like Mario games that much!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I really like this song! The part 2 piano note is rather quiet though, if I were to point out something I wasn't so happy with :s Other than that it sounds great!
  10. Joninton

    Steven Universe - Something Entirely New

  11. Can someone make DFO original theme music for maplestory 2? Lol XD It sounds like that, but it was for Mabinogi sadly, lol XD DFO is my all time favorite MMORPG game since childhood, lol XD
  12. Merancapeman

    FMA - Brother

    Why, WHY doesn't this have more views and reviews? This is perfect. PERFECT. I love this song and now I have it to travel with. AAAAAND it's long
  13. Last week
  14. Can anyone please make this song for me, this is my favorite Queen song and I couldn't find an mml version of it anywhere
  15. stephaniesu

    What are you listening to?

    Thank you for these guys, I'll add some of them to my playlist dotted half-noted
  16. Mewing

    Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz for the Moon

    That sounds amazing! If only it were easier to find people to play these with
  17. Guest

    Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved

    Just got into composing stuff on Maplestory! This was so well done, curious whether you start in MML or import midi from somewhere else? Also, how do you get the vibrato? Hope to hear from you soon!
  18. Earlier
  19. minimal_sunshine

    Steven Universe - Here Comes a Thought

    such a wonderful song. well done. thank you for this!
  20. Arron_xD

    Initial D 5th Stage OST - The Top

    this was great! I always wanted to play my favorite initial d 5th stage song in maplestory, but I didn't know how to use mml, so thank you!
  21. Lachesis

    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney- Troupe Gramarye

  22. Jinzou

    Mc Gorila - Cheio de Sal

  23. StarlightInfinite

    Ar tonelico - EXEC_CHRONICLE=KEY/. [Piano]

    I'm very pleased to say that I was able to make it myself, thanks to the sheet music I found! Even cut down to only the first half, it's over 7500 notes. I did manage to make a full-length version, but I had to sacrifice a few of the harmonies to do it and wasn't happy with how it sounded. EXEC_CHRONICLE=KEY (Maestro).ms2mml
  24. Lachesis

    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney- Telling the Truth 2007

  25. Lachesis

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Telling the Truth 2001

  26. Lachesis

    Cytus- Masquerade

  27. me01205

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - God knows...

  28. I found a video of the song being played in Synthesia, but I'm hopeless at composing and would love if someone could give me a hand. Ar tonelico music is beautiful and the series means a lot to me, so I'd love to be able to play this song. I'm trying to save mesos at the moment, so I don't mind having it truncated to 5k notes if it's longer than that. Synthesia video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67egwtuXm0U Original song -
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