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  5. Yasuno

    3mle for phones ?

    Why would you want to edit MML on a phone? That does not sound like a good time.. Or at least it wouldnt be an easy time. Maybe on a tablet with a decent screen size, but not sure about a phone. Either way though there is not a mobile version of 3MLE.
  6. Squish

    100% Orange Juice - Tomomo Casual

    Gives me flashbacks to when peeps would be unnecessarily mean to me for joining an in-progress game and by chance being tomomo. man sometimes the oj community is toxic. sick tunes tho
  7. Floriane

    Pokemon DP - Route 216

    Try it on pick bass!
  8. Floriane

    Pokemon Black/White 2 - VS Johto Gym Leader

    A perfect rendition
  9. lavaashcrow

    3mle for phones ?

    any chance theres a mml / or 3mle for phones if not can someone make one
  10. DworkinLover69


  11. hey everyone, if you see this and u know how to make an mml file, could u pls make one the the song Never Enough? thanks.
  12. Guest

    Runescape Theme.

    i wonder if osrs beatz will ever get on heer from YouTube and oh, I like it
  13. Earlier
  14. Saito8546

    Youjo Senki - Sensen no Realism (Playable R3 in comment)

  15. TerrificTails

    Deltarune - Battle Theme

    Great song, but why the two parts? Just curious.
  16. suzvoy

    Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate

    Fantastic job, thanks!
  17. suzvoy

    Stargate SG -1 Main Theme

    Best show with an epic theme tune Great job!
  18. andrewman234


  19. https://musescore.com/user/19374416/scores/4794840 - can someone optimize this for maplestory? I give up. Tried fixing it with maplebeats, but it just became utter mess. https://youtu.be/MnKfa0xly6o - perfect would be if someone would replicate this for maple piano.
  20. Confoosion

    Your Lie In April - Orange (Arrangement)

    Why you make me cry
  21. OoSonGokuoO

    Attack on Titan Op1

    Attack on Titan Opening 1 (10k) Attack on Titan - Guren no Yumiya [10k].ms2mml
  22. Anime Theme Songs Anime_Theme_Song_Medley.mml
  23. Anime_Theme_Song_Medley.mml
  24. pseudoparadise

    Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

    why is this 10k ? when i put it in it was only 3k
  25. Squish

    Deemo - Utopiosphere

    Glad to see Mili getting some love in the MS2 community. The song's a bit quiet though.
  26. araco47

    Mass Effect 3 - An End, Once and For All

  27. ibatouhoufan

    Lucky Star - Fun Fun Fun Dayo

    It sounds like he regular piece, but there are some notes that felt off. Overall, it's great.
  28. etoiIe

    Crayon Pop - FM

    thanks!!! i love crayon pop ❤️
  29. chinmokuhime

    Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae - Namida Ame (Rain of Tears)

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